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At The Health Formula, we are all about getting to the root cause of your health complaints, instead of simply treating symptoms, so you can get well and stay well naturally. 

Start your journey back to health with our unique ‘formula’, combining the best of Osteopathy & Functional Medicine.

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Getting to the Root Cause

We understand that finding lasting solutions to your aches and pains and on-going health problems can be confusing, frustrating and lonely. Lab tests that come back ‘normal’, drugs that fix one symptom only to cause two more in its place, not to mention tons of conflicting advice.

We don’t chase symptoms! We use our health detective skills to discover the underlying cause, then using our unique formula, we naturally tackle the root of the problem, aiming to solve it once and for all! Best of all, we’ll guide you and support you on your journey back to wellness. It’s this collaboration that makes our patients successful in getting out of pain, feeling fantastic and living an inspiring life.

Meet Our Team

Drs. Rick & Michelle Davids are passionate about ‘all things health’ and together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help support you on your back to optimal health.

Our Formula For Health


Through Osteopathy, we treat and balance the musculoskeletal framework in order to alleviate pain, restore optimal function and positively influence your overall health.

Functional Medicine

Through Functional Medicine, we use advanced testing to identify the root cause, then coach you through nutrition and lifestyle changes to help get you back in charge of your health.

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