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Deborah Garber 

ADAPT Health Coach

Deborah is a Kresser Institute ADAPT Health Coach. She has a passion for health, wellness and good nutrition, and a belief in the individual’s power to navigate his or her health outcomes. After 40 years in the teaching profession, both as a high school teacher and a trainer and mentor of teachers, Deborah decided to pursue a new career that would enable her to help people achieve their health and life vision and their wellness goals. Her background of working with teenagers enables her to relate well to young people as well as to men and women of her own age and anywhere in between. She is particularly keen on helping people control their weight and change their approach to nutrition by understanding their own motivation and drivers of change.

Throughout her life Deborah suffered from gut and allergy issues and age-related weight gain. She did not find solutions to her problems in conventional medicine but rather in the pursuit of root causes. She believes that nutrition, supplementation, exercise and stress reduction are key to maintaining health and balance in life. Today, at age 62, Deborah is slim and fit, and although allergies and gut issues still persist to some degree, there has been a marked improvement in her health.

Besides health and wellness, Deborah has a passion for languages, she has taught Hebrew and English and loves overcoming the challenges of translation. She was born in England and lived in Israel and South Africa before making Australia her home. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchild, cooking for family and friends, discovering new and easy recipes, learning about the world around her, watching good films, reading, long power walks, spending time in nature and by the sea, music, languages and translation, skin care, interior design, art and ageing gracefully.

 Deborahs Health Interests Are: 

  • Cooking delicious and nutritious wholesome food
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Gentle exercise: Pilates and Yoga
  • Power Walking
  • Spending time in nature
  • Reading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts
  • Improving sleep
  • Introducing tiny habits

Deborah is interested in working with all people who are motivated to change and are keen to learn regardless of age or gender.


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