Functional Medicine Case Review

The Case Review Process

The Case Review is a great first step for anyone wishing to explore our Functional Medicine approach.

A cornerstone of this approach is “test, don’t guess.” Identifying the underlying causes contributing to symptoms is the key to a successful and lasting outcome.

Although there is an initial expense at the onset, this process should actually save money in the long-term by performing the appropriate testing upfront before treatment begins. This way treatment can be more targeted and there is less chance of wasting time with unnecessary treatments.

    The Case Review includes:

    • A thorough evaluation of your medical history, including your diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements
    • A 60-minute Initial Consultation
    • A 90-minute Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation
    • Laboratory test interpretation videos
    • A 90-minute Results Consultation to review your lab results and discuss a treatment plan
    • A treatment plan including customised diet, lifestyle and supplements recommendations

    There are 3 steps in the Case Review process:

    1. Initial Consultation (60-minutes)
    2. Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation (90-minutes)
    3. Results & Recommendations Consultation (90-minutes)

    Step 1: Initial Consultation

    During this 60-minute appointment (conducted in-person, or via phone/video conferencing) your practitioner will review your Intake Forms, provide a clinical impression of your case and make recommendations for which lab tests* to order.

    The exact lab testing ordered will depend on your individual circumstances, but may include:

    • Comprehensive blood chemistry panel. This is the single most efficient, effective and affordable tool for quickly evaluating your health. It screens for a wide range of conditions, including several types of anaemia; insulin resistance and hypoglycaemia; liver and kidney issues and nutrient deficiencies. It offers important clues for how to structure and focus your treatment and provides a baseline of biomarkers that can be used to objectively track the progress of your treatment over time.
    • Additional blood tests for specific conditions, such as high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, methylation issues, autoimmune disease and gluten sensitivity.
    • Advanced stool testing to screen for digestive function, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), parasites, fungal overgrowth, bacterial infections, intestinal inflammation, dysbiosis and a deficiency of beneficial gut bacteria
    • Lactulose breath testing to screen for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
    • Urine organic acids testing to screen for bacterial and fungal overgrowth, problems metabolising fat or carbohydrates, B-vitamin status, methylation issues, detoxification capacity, oxidative stress and neurotransmitter metabolism.
    • Urine hormone testing for adrenal and sex hormone status, including cortisol, DHEA, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
    • Food sensitivity testing to identify immune-mediated inflammatory reactions to dietary antigens
    • Hair tissue mineral analysis to screen for mineral balance and heavy metal toxicity

    Prior to your Initial Consultation, you’ll be sent a comprehensive Intake Form to complete and return to your practitioner.

    The Intake Form includes:

    • A detailed medical, social and family history
    • A survey of your current and previous medical history and primary health complaints
    • A detailed body systems assessment
    • A diet and lifestyle survey
    • A list of your current supplements and medications

    Following your Initial Consultation you will be sent instructions for ordering and submitting the recommended lab tests, most of which can be performed at home.

    Once your results arrive back from the lab, you’ll receive a video interpretation of the results prior to attending your Results Consultation.

    Step 2: Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

    Step two in the Case Review process is to attend your Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation. During this 90-minute consultation you will be provided guidelines on how to begin the 30-Day Reset Diet to get started on while you are submitting your lab tests.

    The Reset Diet forms the foundation of the health-building process and is designed to help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, identify hidden food sensitivities, reduce allergic reactions, boost energy, regulate blood sugar and stabilise mood.

    You’ll also be provided resources to implement healthy behaviours around your sleep, physical activity and stress management and, where applicable, suggestions for starting a preliminary supplementation protocol.

    Step 3: Results Consultation

    Step three in the Case Review process is to attend your 90-minute Results & Recommendations Consultation. During this consultation you will be presented your ‘results and recommendations’, which is broken into three parts:

    1. A summary of the key findings and underlying patterns determined from your test results that are likely contributing to your symptoms
    2. A suggested treatment plan, including dietary, supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations
    3. Recommendations for further testing (this will typically be minimal, if necessary at all, because of the completeness of the Case Review process)

    During this consultation, your practitioner will discuss your treatment plan and address any questions you may have. With your consent, your practitioner will also provide your Health Coach with a copy of your lab results.

    Follow Up

    Once you have completed the Case Review, you will then transition to follow-up care on an ‘as-needed’ basis throughout the remainder of your treatment plan. This will be an opportunity to discuss your progress, fine-tune the program and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.  Re-testing of your lab tests may be required in order to evaluate your response to treatment and periodic review is recommended. 

    Your Investment

    Case Review Package Fee: $1995 (includes steps 1-3)

    Follow Up Consultations: $125/250 (30/60 minutes)

    Lab Retesting Interpretation Fee:  $125

    *Please note that lab testing fees are not included in the Case Review and are paid directly to the lab. Prices vary depending on which lab tests and how many are ordered, but may cost between $500-$1500. 

    Meet Your Health Detective

    Dr. Rick Davids B.Ost, ADAPT-FMP 

    “Recovering from complex health challenges can be an enormous undertaking. That’s why I will personally guide you through the process of restoring health step-by-step and teach you how to get well and stay well naturally.”

    Dr. Rick is an Osteopath & Functional Medicine practitioner with a passion for helping his patients overcome chronic illness and achieve optimal health using a ‘root cause resolution’ approach. He is a graduate of The Kresser Institute, certifying as an ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner. 

    Rick  believes that our bodies are intelligent by design and, when provided the correct resources and environment, has a tremendous capacity for self-healing. He has a particular interest in working with patient suffering with chronic and unexplained illnesses, including pain and inflammatory disorders, digestive issues and autoimmune disease.

    Want to stop chasing symptoms and finally get to the root cause?