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Helena Mueller

ADAPT Health Coach

Helena is a Kresser Institute ADAPT Health Coach. She has always had a big interest in health, fitness and all things natural wellbeing, Helena got into health coaching to share her passion and desire to help others experience the best health possible. She believes that if someone is healthy and feels fulfilled in life, they can share their gifts with the world and focus on bigger life goals, such as living their dreams and purpose. Helena has strong knowledge and experience in Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology, and many areas of health, including female and hormonal health, nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management. She also feels passionate about children’s and teens’ health and connects well with young people.

Helena’s own health journey has given her a lot of experience and understanding for cycle and hormonal health challenges, gut issues and dealing with both physical and mental stress. She has experimented with many different ways of eating and living to improve and optimise her health and performance. As a high-achiever and everyday athlete, she can relate well to people who are driven and committed, and who struggle with “doing less” or letting go. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Helena is focused on personal growth and continuous development of herself, and connects well with people who bring a similar drive, commitment and approach to life and their own health journey.

Helena is creative and artistic, and originally has a background in photography, content marketing and design. She grew up in Germany, and has lived in New Zealand, London, and Australia since. In her personal life, she enjoys spending time in nature and connecting with natural rhythms, such as that of the moon. Taking care of the planet and doing her best to live sustainably is also important to her. She also loves variety in many areas of life – when it comes to exercise and staying fit, she spends time at the gym lifting weights, Muay Thai, swimming, yoga and walking. However, she also appreciates great, nutritious food (and sometimes a little less nutritious) and finding balance in life.

 Helena’s Health Interests are: 

  • Female and hormonal health
  • Stress management and self-care
  • Mindfulness, awareness, being conscious
  • Natural cycles and rhythms, e.g. moon, female cycle, seasonal food
  • Intuitive eating
  • Optimisation, e.g. different types of diets, neurotransmitters, biohacking and finding the right way for YOUR body and mind

Helena particularly enjoys working with:

  • Athletes
  • High-achievers/high-performers
  • Children, teenagers, young adults


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